NEMCA Christmas Wishlist – Can You Help?

Dear parents, friends and carers,

We hope you are staying safe and well. We are writing to the families who (we hope) have many happy memories of your children attending jolly time play group.

This year has been tough for many individuals, families and community groups – including us. We had to close for a number of months, and really missed seeing the children learn, make friends and grow and develop. We also had to cancel two of our most important fundraising events, the summer and Christmas fairs.

We are fortunate to get a grant from Merton Council, but fundraising gives us the opportunity to provide extra activities, new toys and books.

So, this year, without the fairs we have organised an Amazon wish list.

We would really appreciate it if you could purchase something from the list for the playgroup. We have tried to choose small items as we realise everyone has faced changing circumstances.

If you can’t, please don’t worry, we will hope to see you next year at one of our community events. If you would like to contribute, but prefer not to buy from amazon, please contact Tina at .

Thank you again for your support, and give a big hug to your little ones from us!

Best wishes,

North East Mitcham Community Association (NEMCA)