North Garden work dates 12 and 13 October – Friends of Figge’s Marsh

Message from Friends of Figge’s Marsh

Hello all,

Thanks to everyone who completed the poll for North Garden work dates. The North Garden will be a shrub and flower bed in the intersection of paths in the northern end of the park by Gorringe Park Avenue. It will include big shrubs like roses and buddleia as well as historically significant plants like lavender and Mitcham peppermint, which was grown in the area.

It looks like the most popular weekend is 12 and 13 October, so let’s go ahead with both of those dates. We’ll start at 10am and go until around 1pm each day. Please put the dates in your diary!

We have around 300 plants to put in, so we’ll need lots of help! There’s a chance we won’t finish over that weekend, in which case we’ll probably do some work during the week or the following weekend. We’ll just have to see how we get on.

I hope to see you there. All are welcome – kids included!

Kind regards,
Friends of Figge’s Marsh