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the local community centre for North East Mitcham

staff at NEMCAAt NEMCA, we have activities for all ages from babies to senior citizens and everyone in between. For the little ones there's Jollytime, for young children there's Rainbows, Aikido and children's dance classes. For older children we've got a Youth Club on Fridays. Ladies Nightand Salsa gives a great range for our local ladies. And for the more seasoned members of the community, we've got Senior Fitness and Young at Heart social and lunch clubs. Recently launched are English Classes for beginners and Irish Country Dancing. Please check out our Centre Activities pages to find out what's on offer for you, your friends and your family at your North East Mitcham Community Centre.

We're also here to bring you news of the local community including dates for Graveney Ward surgeries for Neighbourhood Watch and Ward Councillors. If you need a little help, we also give free legal assistance - just call on 020 8685 9452 to make an appointment.

Keep an eye on our Events page so you know what bigger community events are coming up and when. And don't forget, if you have your own event to run, you can hire our large or smaller hall complete with trellis tables and chairs and an on-site kitchen at amazing rates.

We hope you will make good use of your local community centre - it's here for you, and so are we!

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