New for October – Join in and Jiggle at NEMCA!

An active class for small children with busy bodies and lively minds. Starting Tuesday 2nd October, 1000 – 1045 am at Worley Hall, NEMCA.


Led by a fully qualified Early Years specialist and primary school teacher, the sessions have been tailored to include circle games, singing, musical instruments, a parachute, props and lots of bubbles.

Growing through play. It’s all fun and games but through joining in, the children will be developing their whole selves across all 7 areas of learning:

communication and language
physical development
personal, social and emotional development
understanding the world
expressive arts and design
Skills such as turn-taking, socialising, listening to and following instructions and collaborating are at the heart of each session, whilst enriching language with key vocabulary and enhancing gross motor movements.

All sessions are drop in. The cost of each session is:
£5 for the first child
£2 for siblings over 1 year old
Free for siblings under 1 year old